Twitter and Public Relations

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Twitter is a social media platform that was founded in 2006, but most millennial users didn’t begin to actually use the platform regularly until about 2012.  It has become a useful platform for brands to connect with users, especially in the field of pr.

When a website goes down, I always check their twitter page first to see what the problem is. Normally, brands will post the problem or give a time frame for an issue to be fixed.


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A Forbes article by Robert Wynne listed what he considered to be the truths and lies of working pr on Twitter. He mentioned that there were three general reasons for a brand to engage on Twitter specifically; Announcements, research, and networking. These three labels are consistent with everything I have seen on Twitter. He also highlights the importance of hashtag engagement. When a post has a hashtag, users often scroll through every post with that hashtag if it interests them. This increases overall engagement with the brand campaign.

Shonali Burke in her article “How to Use Twitter for Public Relations” emphasises a few new key features of Twitter that anyone in PR should become acquainted with. The use of Twitter lists to track people, phrases, and hashtags is something not to be overlooked. It helps monitor trends and general opinions with user bases which is an invaluable tool for someone in PR. She also emphasizes engaging in Twitter chats.

Twitter is an essential part of PR. Direct access to users creates a unique relationship that can’t be overstated. The tools and techniques can be utilized by brands to reach out and spread their message.

Currently not all brands are using the platform effectively. They post too much, use the platform incorrectly, or don’t use the platform at all. With a few changes to their social media strategy, they could increase their public image and have a more effect PR strategy.

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