Blog Purpose

This blog is intended to record the different types of lessons my CAP 105 class reviews. The topics mainly focus on technology in advertising and public relations, and oftentimes delve into the future of this topic. Outside of class, this blog has been an interesting project for personal reasons. It combines multiple types of technology to maintain and is excellent information for not only students of this course, but anyone interested in technology.

About the Author


My name is Avery Beadle and I am an Advertising and Public Relations student at Grand Valley State University with an emphasis in Public Relations. I also have a minor in psychology. In the future, I hope to work with brands to create better social media interactions with consumers, particularly on video platforms such as YouTube.  I am currently enrolled in CAP 105, a course which directly applies to this goal due to its focus on technology in advertising and public relations.


I have many hobbies and interests, many of which involve social media and video platforms. In my free time, I enjoy learning new hobbies such as the ukulele, learning to knit, reading, baking, and singing. I also practice editing videos and managing YouTube accounts. In addition to this, I travel frequently. I returned from London, England in December 2016 after living there for four months. While there I visited Paris, Venice, Rome, Amsterdam, and Faro, Portugal. These travels allowed me to gain a greater understanding of the world around me and were a wonderful experience overall. I enjoy writing and have found this blog to be a pleasure.