What I Hope to Learn From This Course

Featured Photo Credit: George Williams, https://flic.kr/p/4WQp72

I have been enrolled in Technology in Public Relations and Advertising for two weeks at this time. Since enrolling I have been able to gain an understanding of the lessons to be taught and the expectations for those of us in the course. Just the title of the course has me excited for the potential information that I will learn through this class. From the information given in the syllabus and in class discussions, it seems that this course will lay the groundwork to help me grow to reach my professional goals.

I chose the Ad/PR major for a particular reason. I have an interest in companies, how they create their brands, and how these brands interact with users and potential users. In the future I hope to work with companies to help them communicate more efficiently with their user base and use this communication to help create a stronger brand identity.

While this all sounds well thought out on paper, in reality I have no idea how to actually accomplish this. One of the biggest barriers is that I do not completely understand how to use technology efficiently as a brand, and I only have a base understanding of how companies utilize tools such as social media.

In this course we are going to use different forms of social media. I hope these platforms such as twitter, google, and this blog will be used to teach us how to create a personal brand as well as understand professional brands. I hope that we have lessons on how to use social media in an efficient way to satisfy the company employing us.

Some brands use social media successfully while others fail, and I hope we get the chance to look at how some real companies use these platforms. There is so much potential for engagement between companies and users, and seeing examples of this in relation to our lessons would not only be helpful, it would be very interesting.

One of the things that I look forward to most is how to use editing software. The computers in the lab that our class is in are equipped with Final Cut. I enjoy editing videos but I have never had the chance to use such high end software. I hope that we learn how to use more than just basic trimming tools because I have always wanted to experiment with editing software that is as versatile as Final Cut.

Lastly, I hope that we learn how to use excel. That sounds incredibly basic, but although I have had to use the software for other courses such as statistics, I have never understood it. It is seen by many as an essential tool in the workforce, but I honestly do not know why or how to do even the most basic skills with it.

I have a lot of hopes for this course, but overall I look forward to it.


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